6 Reviews on “Fridge & Washer City Joondalup”

6 reviews
  • Junrey B.

    Fridge & Washer City Joondalup were top notch! Friendly staff, found the perfect washer, all went smoothly. Can’t complain! 🙂

  • Harris Melzer

    Just bought a fridge and the staff was super helpful! They knew their stuff and helped me find the perfect one. Definitely recommend this store.

  • Scarlett Graham

    Fridge & Washer City Joondalup is my go-to for home appliances. The staff is professional and helped me find the right fridge and washer. I appreciate the level of service provided by this store. Thank you.

  • Brennen B.

    I recently purchased appliances from Fridge & Washer City Joondalup. The staff was helpful, and the store had a variety of options. Delivery was on time, and the appliances are working perfectly. Overall, a good experience with this reliable appliance retailer.

  • Joy O'riley

    Our experience with Fridge & Washer City Joondalup was fantastic! The team was friendly. We found the perfect washer for our needs. It was a smooth shopping experience us.

  • Dan Hansen

    I recently purchased a fridge. The staff was knowledgeable and helped me find the perfect fridge that met my needs. I highly recommend this store.

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